Small, strange and spooky

Welcome to the latest blog on March 12th 2021 I’ve been wandering about with my camera looking for interesting things on the small scale this week and found no shortage of candidates. Sometimes I look up the names of the plants and creatures we come across, but invariably I will have forgotten them by theContinue reading “Small, strange and spooky”

The wild boar connection

Welcome to the last blog of January. Another week has passed and it’s been a wet one. I have put sunshine on my shopping list but it seems to be out of stock, a bit like the empty shelves in the Marks and Spencer store in Paris who are struggling to get British goods throughContinue reading “The wild boar connection”

Love makes the world a better place – or failing that, try a box of chocolates!

Hello and welcome to the last blog of 2020. Christmas is a funny time of year at the best of times, let alone in what currently feels like the worst of times. All that pressure to make it a special day, maybe the best day of the year. You can tell a great deal aboutContinue reading “Love makes the world a better place – or failing that, try a box of chocolates!”

Wildlife special

Hello and welcome to this wild life special as part of my blog about living off-grid on November 27th 2020. I enjoy being ‘in the nature’ as the French call it, but I am no expert on flora and fauna, nor am I of the disposition to spend long hours patiently watching and waiting forContinue reading “Wildlife special”