Brits abroad

Welcome to the latest blog on March 4th 2021. We took another step up the ladder of integrating ourselves into French life this week in that we received our vehicle registration document with our new French number. No longer will we stand out so obviously as ‘Brits abroad’, although of course the driver’s seat, beingContinue reading “Brits abroad”

The hidden world of the infra-red trail camera

Welcome to the latest blog on February 26th 2021 It’s been a strange week in some ways. On the positive side another milestone on the paperwork trail has been reached. We submitted our on-line applications for our residency permits this week and it was one of the easiest and most efficient of all the proceduresContinue reading “The hidden world of the infra-red trail camera”

Bureaucracy for dogs and flower power

Welcome to the latest blog on February 19th 2021. As many of you know, we are in the middle of settling into French life, which has meant far too much of our time has been spent on paperwork as we re-arrange key elements of our lives. Not all of that effort has been on ourContinue reading “Bureaucracy for dogs and flower power”

The importance of trees

Welcome to the latest news from Le Shack on October 23rd 2020. I know the title of this blog is about trees but first of all I have a question for my female followers. Would you let your husband cut your hair? Until recently I would have answered that question with ‘over my dead body’Continue reading “The importance of trees”

Off-grid living in Le Shack – first impressions

Welcome to the 21st blog of the The Olivia Rose Diaries and 2nd blog on The Shack on October 3rd 2020. We make a habit of buying properties that are falling apart. Our previous home, an old stone cottage in the hills in Snowdonia in Wales, was a fine example of this. Every small jobContinue reading “Off-grid living in Le Shack – first impressions”