Spend, spend, spend!

Welcome to the first blog of February, and a picture of celandines turning their faces skyward along our track. I would like to say Spring has arrived but instead our weather just gets wilder and wetter. The river in the valley has burst its banks and closed the road, the culverts and drains along theContinue reading “Spend, spend, spend!”

The wild boar connection

Welcome to the last blog of January. Another week has passed and it’s been a wet one. I have put sunshine on my shopping list but it seems to be out of stock, a bit like the empty shelves in the Marks and Spencer store in Paris who are struggling to get British goods throughContinue reading “The wild boar connection”

Our first night in Le Shack – but it doesn’t go quite to plan.

Welcome to the next instalment in our off-grid adventure in Le Shack on October 9th 2020. Our first night in Le Shack! A symbolic event that needed to be celebrated with the bottle of Prosecco I’d been saving for the occasion and a special meal. By the time we’d finished the bottle, having had aContinue reading “Our first night in Le Shack – but it doesn’t go quite to plan.”