Olivia Rose

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The Olivia Rose Diaries and Le Shack.

Mary-Jane and Michael’s adventures on board Olivia Rose and also in Le Shack, their off-grid winter home in France

I began this blog in March 2020 as a record of our adventures on board our boat, Olivia Rose. However, it has grown into more than just a tale of a nomadic life on the water. Firstly, the coronavirus arrived and like everyone else our lives were turned upside down for several months. That was followed by the Brexit deadline, which finally comes into force at the the end of this year and has serious implications for people who lead a travelling life in a foreign country. We purchased Le Shack in September 2020 simply as a means to an end, a way to allow us to stay in Europe and maintain our way of life on Olivia. Thankfully it soon became much more than that, primarily because it is off-grid and represents both the way we would like to live and offers us a real adventure. Now our year is split into two halves, the winter on land in the south west of France, and the summers on our boat, cruising throughout Europe. Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy all our adventures as much as we do.

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