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The Olivia Rose Diaries and Le Shack.

Mary-Jane and Michael’s adventures on board Olivia Rose and also in Le Shack, their off-grid winter home in France

This is a blog of two parts. In the winter months it takes place at Le Shack, our off-grid home in the south-western corner of France. My husband Michael and I moved there in September 2020 and the blog follows us as we turn an empty shell of a wooden cabin into a comfortable off-grid home. If you scroll back further through the weekly posts to the spring of 2020, you will find the other half of the story, for we spend our summers on our boat, Olivia Rose, exploring the rivers and canals of Europe. We had thought it unlikely that we would be cruising for the summer of 2021, given the uncertainty of the pandemic, however things have opened up again and so at the end of June 2021 we were delighted to find ourselves living on the water once more. Wherever we find ourselves we have three rules to guide us – to live our lives simply, sustainably and to the full.

If you would like to know more about either of our two lives I have written a book on each of them. ‘Just Passing Through’ is an account of our travels on the water, whilst ‘A Simple Life’ shares the challenges of living off-grid and settling into a foreign country. Both are available on Kindle and paperback via Amazon.

Whether it be through the books or the blog, welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy our adventures as much as we do.

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