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Different worlds

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on May 29th 2021. Apologies for it being a day late, but we have been away and also had trouble, yet again, with getting a good signal in order to be able to upload the blog. A further sign of how strange life has become, if it wereContinue reading “Different worlds”

Our first day trip

We had our first trip out today. Not a practical trip to the supermarket. Not a trip confined to within a ten kilometres radius of home. A proper day out. Freedom. Our destination was a small village 77 km away called Simorre. We were going there simply because Michael had noticed it on the skylineContinue reading “Our first day trip”

Naked ambition

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on May 7th 2021 With Spring in the air many people are thinking about their gardens. We receive numerous e-mails from gardening companies trying to sell us goods of a horticultural nature but one stood out from the crowd this week. The title was’ World naked gardening day’Continue reading “Naked ambition”

Let it rain

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on April 30th 2021. After weeks of hot, dry weather the rains have finally arrived and our dusty valley has been washed clean. There is a sense that we are on the cusp of an explosion of growth: in the newly seeded fields along the valley floor, inContinue reading “Let it rain”


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