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Driving to Le Shack

Welcome to the 20th blog of The Olivia Rose Diaries on the 19th September 2020. I realise these diaries are in need of a new name now that we are splitting our lives into two halves each year. However I think that might be too complicated so the name stays, but I shall amend theContinue reading “Driving to Le Shack”

On the road again

Welcome to the 15th blog of The Olivia Rose Diaries. It feels like ages since my last blog in late June – how I have missed writing it and receiving all your replies in turn. It has occurred to me that I shouldn’t be calling this The Olivia Rose Diaries whilst we are taking aContinue reading “On the road again”

Thwarted by weed

Welcome to Blog number 13 of the Olivia Rose Diaries on June 14th 2020. On Sunday 7th June 2020, after eighty-seven days trapped in the marina at Basse-Ham on the Moselle in northern France because of the Coronavirus, we finally slipped the lines and made our escape. We waved goodbye to our new French friends,Continue reading “Thwarted by weed”


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