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A crazy world

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on October 1st 2021. This final week of our trip back to the UK began in a way we never could have foreseen. It started with the press running inflammatory headlines telling people not to panic at the news that a few petrol stations had run out ofContinue reading “A crazy world”

Wonderful Wales – part one

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest blog on the Olivia Rose Diaries on September 17th 2021. This week we have been on the coast in west Wales, staying in a small campsite with friends just outside the charming, immaculate, expensive and very touristy village-come-small-town of Newport. We arrived on a grey and wet dayContinue reading “Wonderful Wales – part one”

A religious experience

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on September 3rd 2021. This has been a momentous week for us as our trip back to the UK is now booked and feels like it might actually happen. We depart from Bilbao on September 7th on the overnight crossing to Portsmouth. We usually take the Eurotunnel butContinue reading “A religious experience”


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