About me

Here are a few things you might like to know about me.

My husband Michael and I live in France. We spend our summers cruising on our boat, Olivia Rose, and in winter we house-sit, having found it a brilliant way to travel. Our home is a small off-grid cabin in the Pyrenées-Atlantiques region of France but as travel is our priority at the moment we don’t spend very much time there.

I am an author and my books are born from our travels. Written under the umbrella title of In Search of a Simple Life I have published a series of four books. Just Passing Through follows us as we sell our house, buy a boat and learn how to live a nomadic life afloat. The second book, A Simple Life, has been an Amazon Bestseller and shares our experiences as we turn an empty shell of a cabin with no electricity, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, and where the loo is a bucket in the shed, into an off-grid home. The The Turning of the Seasons, is the third book and it goes back to a more settled period in our lives when we had a smallholding in Wales. In many ways it was the best of times, but the urge to wander and to explore was too strong, and so we left our much-loved animals and the beautiful hills of Wales behind to begin our life afloat. The fourth book, is called ‘The Constant Traveller’ and will be available from May 2023. It finds us back on the boat and is a celebration of the joy of living a nomadic life as we break free from the lost years of the pandemic.

I have also written a guide to house-sitting. Entitled ‘How to be a House-Sitter’ it offers a creative way to stretch the budget for people with a passion for travel and will be published in May 2023.

That’s all the official stuff, but what about me as a person? I love blue skies, new places and new faces. I delight in finding pleasure in the small things and in keeping life simple. One of the richest treasures of a travelling life is to meet a stranger and find a friend. I am forever restless, always looking round the next corner and I can think of no better life for myself than the one I live now.

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