Mary-Jane is a freelance travel writer who has travelled extensively throughout Europe. She has a Diploma in Freelance Journalism and Travel Writing from The London School of Journalism and has had numerous features published in a variety of magazines. She also teaches creative writing when her nomadic lifestyle allows. Always something of a wanderer, in 2017 she and her husband sold their house, bought a boat and began a nomadic adventure cruising through Europe. “Just Passing Through”, published in April 2020, is her first book, detailing their travels in France, and marks the start of a series that will follow them as they travel further through European waters. In September 2020 they decided to move to France on a full-time basis, spending their summers afloat and their winters in a newly purchased off-grid wooden cabin in the south-western corner of the country. Mary-Jane’s latest book, which is about their off-grid experiences as well as settling into a foreign country, is called “A Simple Life” and was published in May 2021.

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