Spend, spend, spend!

Welcome to the first blog of February, and a picture of celandines turning their faces skyward along our track. I would like to say Spring has arrived but instead our weather just gets wilder and wetter. The river in the valley has burst its banks and closed the road, the culverts and drains along theContinue reading “Spend, spend, spend!”

Love makes the world a better place – or failing that, try a box of chocolates!

Hello and welcome to the last blog of 2020. Christmas is a funny time of year at the best of times, let alone in what currently feels like the worst of times. All that pressure to make it a special day, maybe the best day of the year. You can tell a great deal aboutContinue reading “Love makes the world a better place – or failing that, try a box of chocolates!”

The importance of trees

Welcome to the latest news from Le Shack on October 23rd 2020. I know the title of this blog is about trees but first of all I have a question for my female followers. Would you let your husband cut your hair? Until recently I would have answered that question with ‘over my dead body’Continue reading “The importance of trees”