A blogiversary – one year of blogging

Welcome to this anniversary blog on March 19th 2021.

Woodland anemones

France went into lockdown for the first time on March 17th 2020 and I began this blog a week later. Like so many people I needed something to help me work my way through what was happening and to act as a record in a world which was changing so fast that it was hard to keep up with it. Until that date history had been something that happened to other people, now it was happening to me, to all of us.

One year later and things aren’t great in France. Paris and some other hotspot areas go back into lockdown today, but the daily cases  are beginning to rise more quickly than we have seen for some time and that doesn’t bode well for the rest of us in regions where we have, so far, had few cases. The vaccine programme has been a mess, although Astra Zeneca has just been given the green light after a temporary suspension.

It’s easy to assume everything about the last year has been bad, tainted by the pandemic, but I’ve been looking back over the photos that I posted on my blog, particularly over those first six months, and they have reminded me that there were good times amongst the less than happy moments. The exercise has lifted my spirits and so I thought I would share these happy memories with you on this first blogiversary. By the way, I didn’t make that word up, it’s part of blog speech and you know how I love to keep up with the lingo – ha!

This was one of our new friends as we sat in splendid isolation on Olivia Rose. Cormorants, herons, swans and a host of other creatures kept us entertained over that spring.
Michael learnt a new hobby and I published my first book.
Being stuck in one place for so long meant we had time to explore once the restrictions were slightly relaxed. We would never have seen this if life had been normal.
Being the only people in the marina meant I could do my yoga in peace
Our first night of freedom…..
And our last. Due to closures and maintenance problems we only managed three weeks of cruising.
Off in the campervan to the Pyrenees. Nosy chickens at our campsite.
Walking in the mountains
Wild camping by a river
A trip to a butterfly farm. This is something I miss. Places like this have been closed for so long.

And after these photos of course we found ourselves here in our lovely cabin, of which you have had so many pics you need no more.

That’s it for this week. Hope you are all well. I’ve no idea what the next year will hold and what we’ll be looking back on in the next anniversary blog. Probably best not to know…

Take care. See you next week. MJ

15 thoughts on “A blogiversary – one year of blogging

  1. It’s amazing to think that it’s a year already since the first lockdown! In some ways it has gone in a flash; in others, it seems to have dragged. I feel sorry for people who are pitched back into another lockdown (some 21 million – a third of the population of France), but thankful that our region is not included – yet. If only they could get the vaccination programme going more quickly. It’s a complete shambles, especially with Astra Zeneca on hold for a week or so, but let’s hope that changes now it’s been approved again. Lovely photos, reminding us that summer isn’t all that far away, even if it’s freezing here today!. Stay well.


    1. Hi Nessa. Yes time has been weird, fast and slow at the same time. Uncertain times ahead for the moment I fear. Sunny day for tomorrow so good stomp planned. Always lifts the spirits.Take care. MJ

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  2. What a very good summary of things we have forgotten about. Life is still good for most of us even if it is very different from the old normal. Let’s hope that the next year will bring a more interesting perspective on what we should appreciate whilst we can. It still looks idyllic down there and we hope that your area remains fairly safe from COVID.


  3. Time really does fly MJ!

    The way the vaccine is rolling out in EU I am not counting on even seeing Socca this year.

    On the bright side I have my Spanish Residencia, drivers license, am in the Spanish Healthcare system and am about to apply for my 65+ discount card. I really like my house and the village I live in. There is more than enough freedom of movement within Granada province and I enjoy hiking with a small group of friends. Over 65+ ladies fitness two mornings a week and bridge two afternoons a week. It’s exhausting 😂

    I’m sure we will come across each other sometime in the future so…..until then…

    Jan X

    On Fri, 19 Mar 2021, 10:34 The Olivia Rose Diaries, wrote:

    > maryjane678 posted: ” Welcome to this anniversary blog on March 19th 2021. > Woodland anemones France went into lockdown for the first time on March > 17th 2020 and I began this blog a week later. Like so many people I needed > something to help me work my way through what w” >


    1. Hi Jan. Glad you are getting through the paperwork and are happy there. Frustrating about getting back to boat. We’re in same situation, just waiting until things get better, but cruising won’t be much this year. One day we’ll come down and see you! MJ


  4. It is difficult to think that we have been in this pandemic a whole year……. but, we all have to think and be positive!! Just looking back on your great book we all enjoyed reading, then look at all those beautiful photos of your’s, and then of course, Michael’s drawings. But buying your cabin in that idyllic little haven and being stuck there because of lockdown wasn’t just a stroke of luck, but real good fortune too, and it worked out extremely well for you both. With you’re boating activities, having been curtailed for the moment, will be something to look forward to soon and in the future. So stay safe and well both. Love catching up on your blog. Our very best wishes from Ann and Gareth x


  5. Looking forward at the moment is so much better than the opposite. Lots of good things could happen with a bit of positivity! Happy dreams and happy future.


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