Paris – Part two

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest blog from The Olivia Rose Diaries on July 14th 2022.

Apologies for the delay in posting this blog but things have gone slightly awry. Two days after we left Paris we both came down with Covid. It has completely wiped us out. Thankfully we managed to get into a marina off the river and have spent most of the last week in bed. Michael is now improving steadily each day, whilst I still haven’t quite turned the corner yet.

As my brain hasn’t yet emerged from the fog that has smothered it for the last seven days, this blog will be the shortest one ever! I’ll leave you with a selection of photos from both our bike ride around the city and our cruise out along The Seine.

Sacré Coeur inside and outside
Arc de Triomphe
The Louvre
Luxembourg gardens

This next batch are taken from the boat as we cruised out of Paris.

So many bridges.
Wonderful sculptures and statues on many of the bridges, and you can only see them from the water.
Cruising right past the Eiffel Tower

And that’s all for now folks. Normal service will be resumed for next blog – I hope.

Take care.MJ

9 thoughts on “Paris – Part two

  1. Wonderful photos and great sunshine to remember for all time of your cruise through Paris. So sorry that the Rona has got to you both. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  2. I look forward to hearing you are well on the road to recovery, and your next blog. No doubt this one required a lot of mental effort, but still had some great photographs of the City. Get well soon!


  3. Aw, rotten luck. With so many going mask-less and sheer numbers of tourists around, the numbers are rising everywhere. Hope you are feeling tip-top soon.
    Cruising by the Eiffel must have been surreal!


  4. Oh no! Poor you. What a disappointing thing to happen during your Paris trip. I hope you’ll both be on the mend very soon. It seems to be too easy to catch it now. We both had it in April. Yes, brain fog and fatigue. Great photos, so at least you could get some enjoyment out of the visit.


    1. Hi Vanessa. We’ve no idea where we caught it from specifically. We ate outside and didn’t go in to any museums, but I think it’s just out there now. On the mend now.


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