What a wonderful world.

Hello and welcome to the latest blog of the Olivia Rose Diaries on January 15th 2022. Winter has arrived and the temperatures have plummeted here in France this week. We’re down to minus six at night, waking up to freezing fog which sometimes persists for the whole day. However, if the sun does manage toContinue reading “What a wonderful world.”

A sight for sore eyes…. January 22nd 2021

It’s been months since you’ve seen a picture of our boat, Olivia Rose, so here’s a picture to keep the memory alive, for me as much as for you. The capitaine of the marina where Olivia is spending the winter on the Moselle in north eastern France was kind enough to send us this pictureContinue reading “A sight for sore eyes…. January 22nd 2021”

They didn’t teach me that at school. January 14th 2021

We were treated to a day or two of snowy weather this week, apparently not a regular occurrence here even though we are so near to the mountains. It was only the lightest of dusting however, so instead of building snowmen and tobogganing down the field like happy children we contented ourselves with a walkContinue reading “They didn’t teach me that at school. January 14th 2021”