Back to Le Shack and a sense of déjà-vu

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on August 27th 2021 We arrived back at Le Shack on Tuesday afternoon. We’ve only been gone two months but it doesn’t take nature long to re-establish itself. For those of you who have followed us as we gradually reclaimed this wilderness since we moved in late lastContinue reading “Back to Le Shack and a sense of déjà-vu”

Let it rain

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on April 30th 2021. After weeks of hot, dry weather the rains have finally arrived and our dusty valley has been washed clean. There is a sense that we are on the cusp of an explosion of growth: in the newly seeded fields along the valley floor, inContinue reading “Let it rain”

More than it seems

Welcome to the latest blog on February 12th 2020. Before I turn to the main subject of this week’s blog, I have some new photos for you of the marina where Olivia is currently moored up, sadly neither of them with Olivia in the shot. As you can see it is cold! Temperatures dipped toContinue reading “More than it seems”