Pull up a chair…..

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on The Olivia Rose Diaries on 25th January 2022. There are times as I sit down to write this blog when I wonder what I am going to say, times when I think that nothing exciting has happened and maybe I’ll miss it out for a week. LifeContinue reading “Pull up a chair…..”

A question of perspective

Hello and welcome to the latest blog from Le Shack on April 16th 2021. Technology is working against us at the moment in that our internet signal through the phone is playing up. Or even playing away, as it seems to have disappeared for most of the time. Hence this first photo shows you myContinue reading “A question of perspective”

More than it seems

Welcome to the latest blog on February 12th 2020. Before I turn to the main subject of this week’s blog, I have some new photos for you of the marina where Olivia is currently moored up, sadly neither of them with Olivia in the shot. As you can see it is cold! Temperatures dipped toContinue reading “More than it seems”