River wide, river deep

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on the Olivia Rose Diaries on July 23rd 2021. My blog last week ended in Fontenoy, close to the southern end of the Canal des Vosges, where we waited for the canal to be cleared of fallen trees. The next stage of our journey would be back ontoContinue reading “River wide, river deep”

Haven’t I been here before?

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on July 16th 2021. We began our week moored up in Epinal on the Canal des Vosges. This will be our fifth year of cruising and in that time we have visited so many towns and villages and stayed in so many ports and rural moorings, that IContinue reading “Haven’t I been here before?”

Settling back into boating life

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on July 1st 2021. This feels like a momentous day as it is also our first blog back on board our lovely boat Olivia Rose after so many months of enforced separation. This will be our fourth year cruising and I always have mixed feelings as we journeyContinue reading “Settling back into boating life”

Back to Olivia Rose!!!!!

Welcome to the latest blog on June 23rd 2021. I have some great news to share. We are heading back to our boat, Olivia Rose, tomorrow and hope to spend July and August cruising through France. At the moment she is moored as far away as she could possibly be, on the Moselle near MetzContinue reading “Back to Olivia Rose!!!!!”