A two-shower household

Welcome to the latest blog from Le Shack on April 2nd 2021 Our abode may be a humble affair but this week we became a two-shower household. I can see you imagining that we have thrown up an extension in the last couple of weeks and now have a de-luxe new bathroom with a fancyContinue reading “A two-shower household”

Bureaucracy for dogs and flower power

Welcome to the latest blog on February 19th 2021. As many of you know, we are in the middle of settling into French life, which has meant far too much of our time has been spent on paperwork as we re-arrange key elements of our lives. Not all of that effort has been on ourContinue reading “Bureaucracy for dogs and flower power”

More than it seems

Welcome to the latest blog on February 12th 2020. Before I turn to the main subject of this week’s blog, I have some new photos for you of the marina where Olivia is currently moored up, sadly neither of them with Olivia in the shot. As you can see it is cold! Temperatures dipped toContinue reading “More than it seems”

Spend, spend, spend!

Welcome to the first blog of February, and a picture of celandines turning their faces skyward along our track. I would like to say Spring has arrived but instead our weather just gets wilder and wetter. The river in the valley has burst its banks and closed the road, the culverts and drains along theContinue reading “Spend, spend, spend!”

The wild boar connection

Welcome to the last blog of January. Another week has passed and it’s been a wet one. I have put sunshine on my shopping list but it seems to be out of stock, a bit like the empty shelves in the Marks and Spencer store in Paris who are struggling to get British goods throughContinue reading “The wild boar connection”

A sight for sore eyes…. January 22nd 2021

It’s been months since you’ve seen a picture of our boat, Olivia Rose, so here’s a picture to keep the memory alive, for me as much as for you. The capitaine of the marina where Olivia is spending the winter on the Moselle in north eastern France was kind enough to send us this pictureContinue reading “A sight for sore eyes…. January 22nd 2021”

They didn’t teach me that at school. January 14th 2021

We were treated to a day or two of snowy weather this week, apparently not a regular occurrence here even though we are so near to the mountains. It was only the lightest of dusting however, so instead of building snowmen and tobogganing down the field like happy children we contented ourselves with a walkContinue reading “They didn’t teach me that at school. January 14th 2021”

Wildlife special

Hello and welcome to this wild life special as part of my blog about living off-grid on November 27th 2020. I enjoy being ‘in the nature’ as the French call it, but I am no expert on flora and fauna, nor am I of the disposition to spend long hours patiently watching and waiting forContinue reading “Wildlife special”