Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home.

 Hello and welcome to the latest blog of The Olivia Rose Diaries on October 11th 2021. Apologies for the blog being late this week. It’s been hectic and when we finally arrived back at Le Shack the mobile phone signal which gives us our internet connection, so often eratic over the weekends, had disappeared completely.Continue reading “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home.”

Naked ambition

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on May 7th 2021 With Spring in the air many people are thinking about their gardens. We receive numerous e-mails from gardening companies trying to sell us goods of a horticultural nature but one stood out from the crowd this week. The title was’ World naked gardening day’Continue reading “Naked ambition”

Brits abroad

Welcome to the latest blog on March 4th 2021. We took another step up the ladder of integrating ourselves into French life this week in that we received our vehicle registration document with our new French number. No longer will we stand out so obviously as ‘Brits abroad’, although of course the driver’s seat, beingContinue reading “Brits abroad”