Vaccinations and Brigitte Bardot

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on April 23rd 2020 Much to my surprise, I had my Covid vaccination this week. They opened it up to the over-sixties last Friday and I got an appointment to have the Pfizer vaccine for the following Monday. We’ve read in the press about people struggling to getContinue reading “Vaccinations and Brigitte Bardot”

A question of perspective

Hello and welcome to the latest blog from Le Shack on April 16th 2021. Technology is working against us at the moment in that our internet signal through the phone is playing up. Or even playing away, as it seems to have disappeared for most of the time. Hence this first photo shows you myContinue reading “A question of perspective”

Read any good books lately?

Welcome to the latest blog from Le Shack on April 9th 2021. This never-ending pandemic and the wearying succession of lockdowns is becoming challenging for a blog that was supposed to be about a life of freedom and travel! However, we will not be beaten, and so this week seems as good a time asContinue reading “Read any good books lately?”

A two-shower household

Welcome to the latest blog from Le Shack on April 2nd 2021 Our abode may be a humble affair but this week we became a two-shower household. I can see you imagining that we have thrown up an extension in the last couple of weeks and now have a de-luxe new bathroom with a fancyContinue reading “A two-shower household”

And now for something completely different…..

Welcome to the latest blog on March 26th 2021. Something a little different this week for all of us. As many of you will know I published my first book, Just Passing Through, following our first three seasons on our boat, almost a year ago, on April 11th. I had hoped to follow up withContinue reading “And now for something completely different…..”

A blogiversary – one year of blogging

Welcome to this anniversary blog on March 19th 2021. France went into lockdown for the first time on March 17th 2020 and I began this blog a week later. Like so many people I needed something to help me work my way through what was happening and to act as a record in a worldContinue reading “A blogiversary – one year of blogging”

Small, strange and spooky

Welcome to the latest blog on March 12th 2021 I’ve been wandering about with my camera looking for interesting things on the small scale this week and found no shortage of candidates. Sometimes I look up the names of the plants and creatures we come across, but invariably I will have forgotten them by theContinue reading “Small, strange and spooky”

Brits abroad

Welcome to the latest blog on March 4th 2021. We took another step up the ladder of integrating ourselves into French life this week in that we received our vehicle registration document with our new French number. No longer will we stand out so obviously as ‘Brits abroad’, although of course the driver’s seat, beingContinue reading “Brits abroad”

The hidden world of the infra-red trail camera

Welcome to the latest blog on February 26th 2021 It’s been a strange week in some ways. On the positive side another milestone on the paperwork trail has been reached. We submitted our on-line applications for our residency permits this week and it was one of the easiest and most efficient of all the proceduresContinue reading “The hidden world of the infra-red trail camera”

Bureaucracy for dogs and flower power

Welcome to the latest blog on February 19th 2021. As many of you know, we are in the middle of settling into French life, which has meant far too much of our time has been spent on paperwork as we re-arrange key elements of our lives. Not all of that effort has been on ourContinue reading “Bureaucracy for dogs and flower power”