Almost – but not quite – on the water

Welcome to the 12th blog in the Olivia Rose Diaries. We’re still in Basse Ham! We had hoped to leave mid-week but the weather turned against us, with a series of thunderstorms, torrential rain and very strong winds. We’re under no pressure to leave, and had no desire to battle our way through that sortContinue reading “Almost – but not quite – on the water”

Freedom beckons – just a few more days to go.

Thursday 28th May was another of those BIG DAYS, the day when the French government were due to release details of the next stage of de-confinement. It hardly seems possible that the last of these ‘big days’ was just under three weeks ago. Time flies and we so quickly forget things. The announcement wasn’t dueContinue reading “Freedom beckons – just a few more days to go.”

So much information, so many different opinions

Welcome to blog number ten in The Olivia Rose Diaries on May 22nd 2020. In our modern world there are few questions now to which we cannot obtain an answer. It may not be an unbiased answer, it may not even be true. With such an overload of information at our fingertips it is becomingContinue reading “So much information, so many different opinions”

Saving George and Mildred from diesel infested waters and publishing my first book.

Welcome to the fifth blog of The Olivia Rose Diaries on April 17th 2020. A couple of days ago we found ourselves sitting in a slick of diesel. It was the smell we noticed first and then, looking down at the water, we could see it all around us, the tell-tale rainbow colours glinting inContinue reading “Saving George and Mildred from diesel infested waters and publishing my first book.”