Drama on the quayside and the end of the season

Hello and welcome to the latest blog on August 20th 2021

Because we spend so much of our boating life on the move we have less opportunity to make relationships with people than we did when we led a more settled life. There simply isn’t the time to get to know each other, but that doesn’t mean that connections can’t still be made or that we don’t get fleeting insights into other lives. Normally these insights are quite simple but this week we were witness to something more dramatic.

We had moored up in a tiny village in a rural location. Usually this would have been a peaceful spot but there was a picnic area close by and it was taken over by a large group of local teenagers in the evening, kicking a ball around, playing their version of music and chatting – loudly. Whilst we were in the galley working our way through the washing-up the voices suddenly got louder, the tone changed and it was clear something had happened. From our vantage point by the sink we could see that an older woman had turned up and had said something to seriously upset one of the young girls. We guesed that this was a mother and daughter relationship. They shouted at each other for a few minutes, but then the body language changed and I could sense that it was going to get physical. As their fury erupted into pushing and shoving, the other teenagers reacted swiftly, pulling the two women apart, using their own bodies as shields and eventually, very politely, persuading the older woman to leave.

What could have happened between these two to provoke such animosity and hurt? We would never know. It was sad to see a relationship so broken and yet inspiring to see these youngsters behaving in such an adult and supportive way.

We didn’t need to watch the television that night! We had our own real-life drama on the quayside.

A few days later and now our journey is over. We have traveled 820 km and passed through  280 locks. Olivia Rose will spend the winter at a small port in Gannay-sur- Loire. It always feels odd at this time in our cruising year. We begin to feel a bit subdued as we start to pack up and make the boat ready for winter, not quite ready to become landlubbers again. However after five years of living this double life we know it is a natural phase, a necessary part of the transition process, and all will be well once we step foot back on the track leading to Le Shack – although I suspect it will be so overgrown we shall have to fight our way through.

A few pictures for you as usual. After this week no more canals and rivers until next year.

Crossing over the Loire on the Pont de Canal at Digoin. It’s one-way only, first boat in has priority.
A visit to the pretty town of Bourbon-Lancy.
How about this for a door-knocker?
Olivia Rose moored up in a tranquil spot. It’s a good life.

Take care and see you next week, probably with lots of pictures of the weeds in our garden.


10 thoughts on “Drama on the quayside and the end of the season

  1. Thanks again for your blog. We always look forward to hearing from you. Prayers for you folkes. Your brother and I always chat through the week in our trading room.


  2. It feels like your cruising season passed quickly, but time does seem to do that the older we get. 😉 I enjoy reading your weekly updates and I’ll be curious to see what Le Shack looks like upon your return!


  3. Thanks for your blog. We’re here on Vancouver and read your posts with a tinge of jealousy as we put our own plan in place to cruise Europe. We just need to get the renos done on our trawler and sell her to fund our next adventure. We’re heading over for three months early next year to shop for a boat in the Netherlands.
    Thanks for the inspiration and we look forward to hearing more of your travels!
    Boyd and Laura Godfrey


  4. How sad to think you’re boating season has come to an end, but you will have enjoyed your time on the water, albeit a shorter trip this time around, and can now look forward to some weeding, digging and mowing!!!! Hope all the cats are well? Yet again you have shown us some lovely photographs of your travels, and we do recognise the places!! Finally, we have some sunshine this week so things are looking up. We are hoping to get out to France in the motorhome for two weeks in September. This booking has been rearranged some three / four times now, so hoping all sorted now. Bureaucracy has played a huge part in getting stickers for our motorhome as she is over 3.5 tonnes, Covid passports for proof of vaccinations etc. etc. Fingers crossed. Hope all is well at Le Shack. Look forward to the next blog. Best wishes from us both.


    1. Hi Ann. Sorry for delayed reply, been a bit hectic. Glad you are finally going to get some France-time this year. All the extra paperwork etc is a pain I know. We are trying to sort out various Covid tests to meet UK requirements and can think of better things to do with our time.


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